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A Website Providing Instructions On How To Level The Ground, Set Up, and Maintain Easy Set and Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Preparing a Site For an Easy Set Pool Can Be Challenging . . .

So you just bought an Intex above ground, easy set pool or other quick-set pool, but getting a nice level area has proved to be a bigger task than you bargained for! This web site will help you to select a good site and the sand calculator will calculate the approximate amount of sand needed. This will help you decide whether you can get your sand at a home store or order a truck full.

We give detailed instructions on how to perfectly level out the area. There are many photos and even some video clips. You don't need fancy equipment either! Also, there are Do's and Don't's of Pool Leveling for a quick reference, common setup errors, and Pros and Cons of the Salt Chlorine Generator.

We go through the pool setup of a 15' intex quick set pool. Lots of photos are included with this as well.

We also discuss swimming pool repair, pool cleaning, filters, filter cleaners, sand filters (New!), pool chemical options, draining, storing your pool, maintaining a pool chlorine generator, preventing washout under the pool, building your own giant skimmer (watch the video clips of me skimming a LOT of water), and solar pool heaters on this site.

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Time to drain? See this tip on how to use your large hoses to drain over a foot an hour!

Lose your filter pump O-ring and/or pool plugs? Learn how to make your own pool o-ring and plugs here! Also, what to do if your pool filter pump stops and it will be a few days til you can replace.

Important: Read about how off-brand filters can cause your filtering system to not work!

Newest Post -> We just replaced our 15ft pool with a 16ft Intex Ultra Frame swimming pool!

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