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Intex Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Setup Using Area From 15ft Pool

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Here is how I modified my setup from my 15 ft Intex Pool to accommodate our new 16 ft Intex Ultra Frame swimming pool:

16 ft ultra poolFirst, I placed a stake in the new center and ran an 8ft cord around the perimeter, inserting stakes. Then I dug out the sod as needed 1 ft past the perimeter. swimming poolThen I added ample sand where I dug out. I allowed several inches of rain to fall on this. Then compacted where sand was added. ultra frame poolI skimmed out a level area using a 17ft skimming board made of 2 8ft sections, a 1ft section, and a 6ft section of 2x4s. A rod was pounded into the ground and passed through the skimming board.
ultraframe pool levelUse a 4ft level to check for level as you skim. You want your pool to be off by no more than 1/4" from side to side. ultra frameI wet down this area and compacted again. Then I checked for level again and added sand if needed.. pool legsBefore setting up the pool, I fastened the leg pads to 4 3/4" by 11" 1/2" thick plywood pieces with 1/2" screws. I drilled out the drain hole too.
level poolI set this pool up in much the same way as the 15ft pool. See this page. Note that the loops face out. Keep the plywood supports away from the liner. pool inletThe inlet and outlet were improved in the 16ft pool - they had valves to open and shut and had a relief valve. ultra pool pumpThe pump has a built in timer, which is very nice! It works well with the timer on the salt system.
16 ft ultra poolThe ladder is very easy to snap together and has fewer metal parts to rust. 16 ft ultra poolThere is no filter basket, which is probably a good thing - the old 15ft pool basket was always causing problems.  

Summary of differences between the 15ft Intex Above Ground and 16ft Ultra Frame Swimming Pool:

  • I found the frame of the Ultra Frame Swimming Pool to be much sturdier and is better protected from rust. On my 15ft pool, the frame was nearly rusted through after 4 years. The liner is supposedly thicker as well.
  • The pump had an auto timer. This is a great plus. On our 15 ft pool, my timer that I used was often the cause of problems and I suspect may have led to pump burnout. Also, it has a cleanout valve at the bottom so you can flush out particles.
  • The troublesome float basket is gone. For my 15ft pool, this basket was constantly too low or too high. And this basket, if too high, could have helped my pump burn out.
  • The inlet and outlet have open/close valves. On my 15ft pool, the stoppers did not fit and I had to make my own! No more stoppers needed! Also, there is a vacuum release valve that might help save the pump in case the outlet gets plugged - we will see.
  • The ladder is easier to put together and has fewer metal rusting parts.
  • The pool is bigger! Makes it nicer for swimming laps around the edge.

I expect to get an extra few years out of this pool, making it worth it. You can get this pool for as little as $349 - don't pay the $600 or more that some want!

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