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About This Site

Everybody is putting up an above ground pool these days, and why not? They are very economical and you can cool off in the privacy of your own backyard. The biggest headache, however, is leveling the ground for the pool. I discovered a good way to level off the site with sand for an above ground pool and decided I should share this method with everyone.

In addition to information on leveling the site, I programmed a sand calculator to help you calculate how much sand you will need. Also, I have summarized information on setting up a 15' 48" deep intex above ground swimming pool along with helpful information on swimming pool chemicals and pool cleaning.

The information on this site applies to above ground intex pools of diameter 15' or less. And the pool site leveling information applies to Easy Set Pools as well as metal frame pools. This website is meant to be an informational site only and we do not assume responsibility should your pool fail - I would advise that you keep a close eye on your pool to make sure it is balanced and level and seek professional advice if your situation is problematic. If you notice your pool sinking on one side, I would advise that you drain it immediately and relevel and wet and compact thoroughly. Also, if you are setting up a larger pool (bigger than 15' diameter), you should consult a pool shop or the manufacturer for preparing your site.

If you have any comments or questions, send them to mikesemail2000-pool1@yahoo.com

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