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More Above Ground Pool Pages and Resources

Upgrade to a 16ft Ultra Frame Pool? - Shows how we upgraded to the 16ft ultra frame pool. Also discusses differences and improvements over the old pool.

Setting Up in the Same Spot as Last Year? - Simple steps for using your pool site from last year.

Using a Sand Filter System? - We tried this system out. Read about the pros and cons and decide for yourself if this is for you.

Pool Filter Pump Stop Working? - What to do if your pool filter pump stops and it will take a few days until you can get a replacement.

Repair a Leak In Your Swimming Pool - Read about the nifty tool I created to do a repair on my pool floor, with the pool filled, from above.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Covers - Read about our solar cover. It helps a bit, especially in a cool northern climate summer.

Four Pool Problems To Avoid - Avoiding these common pitfalls may save you the trouble of having to drain and reset your pool.

Homemade Hand Held Pool Vacuum - This vacuum works like a charm and costs virtually nothing to make.You have to try this!

Intex Type A Cartridge Filters - Not all Type A Filters are alike! I tried the off-brand filters and they did not work! This article discusses sources for inexpensive original Intex Type A Filters.

Pros and Cons of Intex Saltwater Chlorine Generator - I give the plusses and minuses of the Intex Salt Chlorinator that we purchased to use instead of chemicals.

Draining Your Above Ground Steel Frame Pool - How you can quickly drain your pool using ordinary garden hoses.

Maintenance on Your Salt Water Chlorine Generator - Step by step procedure on how to do this.

Storing Your Intex Metal Frame Swimming Pool - How we dried and safely stored our pool over the winter.

Build Your Own Giant Pool Skimmer! - This Super Duper Pool Scooper is 32" wide and can be built for less then $20!

Preventing Washout and Erosion Under Your Pool - Here is a simple way to prevent heavy rains from washing out sand under your pool.

How to Make Your Own Pool O-ring and Plugs - Should you lose your o-ring, you will need to do this! And the part needed is available at any hardware store.


Swimming Pool Links

Pool Wizard - swimming pool maintenance: Guides to aid water balance and pool problem solving. The Pool Wizard offers a low chlorine alternative to algae control. Includes useful pool calculators.

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