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Instructions For Keeping Your Swimming Pool Water Clean - Tools and Equipment Needed

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Instructions for Keeping Your Pool Water Clean - Tools and Equipment

Here are 8 ways to keep your pool clean:

  1. Keep chemicals balanced or use a salt water chlorine generator. Check your pool often.
  2. Use the filter system provided with your pool. Change or clean your filter every few weeks as directed. Thinking of a pool sand filter? Read about my less-than-great experiences with it.
  3. Place a bin of water at the foot of the pool to step in and remove sand and dirt. Also, wash up or shower before going into the pool.
  4. Don't set up your pool under or near a large tree, if possible. This minimized leaves and twigs.
  5. Use your surface skimmer to remove leaves or larger floating refuse.*
  6. Use a suction vacuum to remove sand and dirt off the pool floor. Try this home made pool vacuum - it works much better and costs virtually nothing to make.
  7. Use a float skimmer/filter to filter out floating debris before it gets to the filter.
  8. Cover your pool when it is not being used.
*To quicky skim my pool with my home made Super Duper Pool Scooper! I skim from outside the pool or remove the handle and walk around the pool a few times, holding the scoop with my hands. It cleans the water nicely and lengthens the life of my filter. Also, check out this nifty device to clean your filters and make them as good as new!

See photos below and notes:

pool cover
A pool cover will keep leaves, bugs, and twigs out
surface skimmer
The skimmer keeps refuse out of your filter
float skimmer
The surface filter gets what the skimmer misses
float skimmer
The top needs to float in order to work correctly
pool filter
The filter takes the smaller particles out
pool vacuum
The pool vacuums up dirt from the bottom - works great!
The dirt is trapped in the bag
salt chlorinator
The chlorinator uses ordinary salt to produce chlorine
wash bin
The bin full of water cleans dirt off feet

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