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How to Easily Clean Your Pool Filter

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Pool Filter CleanerFor years I was replacing my pool filter every week or two. Sometimes I would forget and the salt system would then not work due to low flow. The cheap filters available locally did not quite fit right (although they work in a pinch), and I could only get the good Intex brand filters online. Then, since I was out, I was buying a filter at our local Menard's store last week and noticed a filter cleaner (shown right) that attaches to your hose. Frankly it amazed me how well it worked! Both of the seemingly new filters shown right were filthy, and the filter shown in the video below actually was sitting out all dried up for a while. The cleaner cost about $10 - an investment you will recover in a few weeks!

Watch the uncut video below - it took about 2 minutes to clean a filthy filter!

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