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Intex Above Ground Pool Type A Cartridge Filters For Your Pool

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Getting Quality Type A Cartridge Pool Filters For Your Above Ground Pool

If you, like many (and myself) got your above ground Intex pool at Walmart, you will find that Walmart may not carry the proper Intex type A cartridge filters or they will only carry the proper filters for half the season. Then, they will often switch to a cheaper version of this filter. When we got our pool, my wife initially bought a 6-pack of Intex brand Type A filters. But then, in late August, we had just about used them up. So I went back to Walmart to get more. But instead of Intex Type A filters, they stocked an off-brand filter. The cartridge filter did not fit exactly like the Intex brand and after a week it needed replacing! Also, I noticed that the water seemed to take a turn for the worse with respect to particles being filtered out. In short, the off-brand filters did not work nearly as good! And I found other big-box type stores (like Menards) featured some off-brand filters as well.

UPDATE: Read how I now easily clean my filters and no longer even have to buy them!

Shown below are two pictures that compare the Intex Filter to the off-brand filter. The off brand is about 1/8" too high so it must be squished down and contorted in order to fit! Also, the pleating is not uniform! (click on photo to enlarge) As a result of these misfitting filters, I had to change the filter every week instead of each two weeks.

pool filter filter

The Internet To The Rescue!

Of course, you can get just about anything on the internet. And Type A Intex Cartridge Pool filters are no exception. First I tried Walmart online. No luck - the same off brand filters. Then I searched a bit. I found that you could buy these at Intexcorp.com for about $35 per 6, but shipping was $20 - Ouch! That came up to over $90 for 12. And another pool filter specialty store sold them for near the same price. Then I tried Amazon and ebay. On both of these sites, I found Intex Type A pool filters for around $20 per 6 with free shipping! That comes to $40 for 12, or a little over $3 per filter. I would recommend one of these two. Go to Type A Pool Filters at Ebay to get these filters at ebay.

We use this to warm our pool, even on days where it only gets up to 70 degrees! More Info

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