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My Filter Pump Stopped and it is a Weekend or Holiday - What to Do?

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It's the 4th of July, and My Pool Filter Pump Stopped!

pool filter pumpWe were in the middle of an awful heat wave and our pool filter pump quit on the evening of the 3rd of July! Furthermore, being in an area (northern Wisconsin) that is not known for pool supplies, I had no way of getting a replacement pump locally. Also, the water in the pool was starting to get warmer, allowing algae and other creepy crawlers to readily grow. We use the salt-chlorine generator and I did not want to start tossing shock or other chemicals (like bleach) into the pool - that would cause problems. So here is what I did to "shock" the system, cool the water a little (but not too much) , and clean it up without completely draining. Also, my water would be about 60-70 degrees rather than an icy 45 degrees it would be with a complete refill.

  1. I ordered an Intex Pool Filter Pump online at Amazon.com and requested rush shipping. I would get the pump in two days (July 6th).
  2. I then drained a little over 16 " of water out (for the 43# of salt I would add). Note that if you had 50# of salt, you would drain 19" of water out. My pool uses 110# of salt for 42" of water. You solve the proportion 42/110 = X/(pounds salt) to find the number of inches, X, to drain out. So multiply 42 by your pounds of salt and then divide by 110 to find the number of inches of water to drain out. I removed the water from the pool using multiple hoses as shown here. Also, a submersible pump can speed this up. (I ended up using mine)
  3. I dumped the 43# of salt I had on hand into the partially empty pool. This would "shock: the system without adding chemicals other than those needed for the salt generator.
  4. I then refilled the pool with clean cold water.
  5. This gave us a pool for the holidays :) and some time to mix in the salt before starting the new pump and regenerating chlorine.

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