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Instructions on How To Set Up An Above Ground Intex Swimming Pool

After you have leveled out and prepared your pool site, as shown at How To Level The Ground, you should then place a ground tarp where the pool will be (get one if it was not provided), and then spread out the Intex Pool liner to allow it to warm up and become more flexible.

Insert all horizontal supports into the 3-way tees and fasten with the provided insert pin and rubber washer.. Work your way around the entire pool. Don't forget the rubber washer that the insert goes through! The very last horizontal support may be fastened by removing the other pin on the support and allowing it to temporarily be pushed into the next tee.

Spread out the pool liner pool supports all pool supports in

After all the horizontal metal frame supports are in place, snap the vertical metal frame supports in place, making sure the vertical support passes on the inside of both the belt and lower rope, as shown below. If your pool is on sand, you can prevent vertical supports from "digging in" from the weight of the water by placing small rectangular plywood pads under the pool supports as shown here. I used plywood pads of dimension 4 3/4" by 11". I also drilled a hole through each support and screwed to the plywood piece to prevent sliding toward the liner. Note: The plywood support rectangles should be far enough away from the liner (as shown here) so that the plywood corners do not dig into the liner and cause a leak!

After checking to make sure all vertical supports are level (a bubble level is helpful), put about 1 inch of water into the pool. Check to see that all is level (it should be if you leveled it out according to this site's instructions).

drill hole pound rod pound rod

With an inch or two of water in the Intex swimming pool, you should carefully smooth out any wrinkles on the bottom of the liner with your feet or hands, gently pushing the liner out toward the edges (we had our girls do this as they couldn't wait to get in the pool!). Connect the filter as instructed and shown below. After the pool is set up for a week or so and you find one or more vertical legs digging in more than the others, gently jack up the side as shown here and slide a 1/4" thick piece of plywood or paneling that is a little bigger under the support. We had to do that on one leg.

One final note: If your pool is set up in a sloped area, it is possible that heavy prolonged rains could run under the pool and washout some sand. This page on Pool Washout Prevention gives an easy means of preventing this type of erosion.

smooth out pool wrinkles pool filter pool filter

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