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How to Prevent Heavy Rain From Washing Away the Sand or Soil Under Your Pool

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How To Divert Rainwater Around Your Pool, If it is a Problem

If your pool is in a perfectly level area, then washout under your pool is not going to be a problem. But, however, if your pool is on a slope, and you get an extremely heavy rain, you may experience washout under your pool. This is especially problematic since the weight of the water will push down on the bottom of the liner and if the washout is big, the pressure of the water could rupture your liner. In our first year of having the pool set up, we did not have this problem, but in our second year we did experience a little of this after an unusually heavy rainstorm. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to correct washout once it happens. You must take the pool down, fill in the area and compact it down, and then reset the pool! There is a way to prevent this!pool storage

The Solution: Divert the water
There are several ways to do this. If your pool is in a location where you do not mind digging a trench, then you can dig a small trench around the half-perimeter of the upper side (where the higher ground is) so that rain water will flow around the pool. This is maybe the best solution since it allows for excess water near the pool to flow away, but it is a bit unsightly in your back yard! Another thing you can do is insert landscape edging around the upper side perimeter of the pool as shown in the diagram on the right. The edging should stick up 1-2 inches out of the ground. The edging may be removed, if desired, at the end of each season. Either of these methods will prevent excessive rainwater from flowing under the pool.

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