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Setting Up Pool in Last Years Location - What Do I Need To Do?

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Steps For Setting Up Pool in Last Years Location

If you had a nice level spot from last year, and nobody (like your dog or kids) dug a hole in the site, preperation is very simple. If you have holes dug, you first need to fill the holes, wet and compact where you fill, and then fill again. Then proceed to the following:

  1. Pull any weeds growing and then rake the soil level if there are hole.
  2. Pull out any larger rocks or stones that may have worked their way up.
  3. Thoroughly wet the sand down again and then use a hand compactor to compact the area - this will insure that any small stones are pushed back down and you have a more solid surface to set up the pool.
  4. Set up your pool as you normally would. The area, if level last year, will be level this year.

Here is the compactor I use: pool setup



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