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Homemade Pool Skimmer for Intex Above Ground Pool

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How To Build This Giant Above Ground Pool Skimmer For Under $20

Intro: If you have looked around for pool scoops like I have, you will notice that they are all fairly small. Generally they are 15" or less in diameter. I wanted something big, REALLY big. And it had to be corrosion proof. So I came up with the idea of making my own 32" diameter skimmer out of PVC and ordinary fiberglass screen. I call it the Super Duper Pool Scooper! It works great and the plans for making this giant pool skimmer are shown below. Watch the video here!

Step 1 - Cut out PVC pieces and assemble

You will need to get 16 ft of 1" PVC pipe, a T-fitting, and eight 45 degree elbows. Cut out seven 11 3/4" pieces and two 5 1/8" pieces. Dry fit the pieces as shown right and then glue them together with PVC cement and primer. I found it worked best to lay the frame flat on my garage concrete floor to insure that the finished hoop was straight. I found it fairly easy. I took my time, cementing one joint at a time, working my way around until the entire hoop was glued. Make sure to do this outside as the fumes from the PVC cement are not good for you!

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Step 2 - Sew Fiberglass Screen Over PVC Hoop

Get some fiberglass screen from your home or hardware store big enough for the hoop. Sew the fiberglass screen over the hoop, as shown, using a very large needle and 25 lb test (or stronger) monofiliment fishing line as thread. Simply sew back and forth along the inside edge of the hoop, leaving the excess fiberglass screen to fold over as shown in the photo on the right. This did not take very long at all to do.

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Step 3 - Cut Off Excess Fiberglass Screen

All you have to here is take an ordinary pair of scissors and trim off the excess screen. When done, you should have a scoop like the one shown on the right. Another very simple step!

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Step 4 - Place Your Super Duper Pool Scooper on a Long PVC Handle, if Desired

You can use this skimmer without a handle by holding it with both hands, while in the pool yourself, and walking a few times around - Watch This Short Video of Me Skimming The Pool. Or, use as long a handle as you wish, but I found that a 5 ft handle was about as long as I wanted (and I did not glue it on). Start scooping! This homemade pool skimmer can really clear out the debris fast!

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